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Combistation in action

to utilization as a entry- and exitstation in one cabinet for short term-, long term- and specialparker. Controlfunction for long term- and specialparker and handing out from short term- ParkMark®´s on the entryside.

To take and control ParkMark®´s. Following datas will be proved on the exitside: date, time, name of the parkhouse, chipumber, time of payment, given validations. Long term and special parker will be checked for authorization.

The ParkMark®´s will conveyed in the cabinet from the exitside to the entryside, so you don´t have to do it by yourself. The parkhouse personal is free for more important things, and don´t have to take care of this.

The combistation needs only 60cm sized concrete isle, so it is an ideal cabinet when you have small entry- and exitlanes. The technical datas are the same like a seperate entry- and exitstation.


  • intercom system
  • license plate recognition
  • adapt function for a second barrier gate (sluice function)