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60 years Farmont corporations

Düsseldorf in 1945 - a city half destroyed, a waste-land. The homecoming of company founder Hans Farmont was very disillusioning, but at the same time a huge challenge. Standing in the rubble with nothing in his hands, he had to decide which path his life should follow. Having been raised abroad and observing the rapid rise of the automobile industry in the U.S., Farmont knew that his career would be connected tocars. Hans Farmont
Hans Farmont

Even though there were hardly any cars on the streets in the years after 1945, with the exception of military vehicles, the entrepreneur Farmont was convinced that traffic would develop quickly. Thus, he started to manage parking spaces with disabled veterans as attendants. They were also included in the relief organization for the war-disabled that he founded and had a place to work, in contrast to many others. Hans Farmont was convinced that he could help to build the future, supply jobs and do his share for the economic reconstruction even though nobody really believed in the era of the automobile during that depressing time in Germany.

The Enterprise

In 1945, the group of companies started with the company DüPA (Düsseldorfer Parkplatzbetriebe Hans Farmont). Their core business was to watch vehicles and bicycles on Düsseldorfs main boulevard, the Königsallee, and in other cities.

In the 50s and 60s the office for architecture and building contractor Hans Farmont started with the planning and construction of the first parking garages. That way, one of the first parking garages in Düsseldorf was built, Parking Garage Königsallee-Talstrasse. More parking garages in Düsseldorf, Mönchengladbach and Bielefeld followed.

In 1960 the Parking GmbH & Co. KG was founded in order to manage parking garages as well as parking complexes at airports. The cooperation with Düsseldorf's Rhine-Ruhr Airport, for example, has been going on for more than 30 years - a time filled with many challenging tasks, very high standards and mutual trust. Consequently, contracts with the airports of Berlin-Tegel and Leipzig-Halle followed.

At the end of the 60s, the Europark Holdings GmbH started to manage parking garages in Germany and Europe.

In 1967, Mr. Farmont founded the company Parkautomatic Hans Farmont GmbH since there was an ever-growing demand for professional and experienced equippers of parking garages and parking automation. This part of the group of companies invents, develops, produces and distributes soft- and hardware for parking businesses products that are always tailor-made to the customers' requirements. Barrier systems, emergency call equipments, cashier systems, automatic billing systems and much, much more are the business of this branch.

Last, but not least another company was founded, Farmont Technik GmbH, which manufactures and distributes technical equipment.

Apart from being chairman of the Farmont Group, Hans Farmont was one of the founders of the most important parking garage associations. He was still one of the board members of the German, European and American Parking Association.